Philosophy:   Combining influence and materials to cause people to stand back and think and also to want reach out, to touch, and to feel. My art needs to have visual and tactile aspects so people experience the counterpoint and intersection of thought and sensation, feeling and ideas. Our families old photos find a duality and grounding for much of my work, the implication of the past and the definition of those moments in our present.


Artist Statement   Displace the idea that art and craft, folk art and pop art, high and low are anything more than signposts.  Whether a footpath or a superhighway every road can take you to some place new, if you let it.  Mixing felting, paint, paper, and anything else I can manipulate along the way to create something you want to touch and feel.


Solo Shows

Dirty and Smiling, Gerrard Art Space, Toronto Sept 2017

False Fronts, Gerrard Art Space, Toronto, Feb 18-March 6 2016

A little Tango, Tango Palace, Toronto, May 2015

Forlorn, Tango Palace, Toronto, 2011


Group Shows

Intersections, 4 of 6. Twist Gallery, Dec 6-18 2017

Gladstone Hotel – April 17 – May 15th Group Show Raising funds for Rainbow Railroad. Poster size work of individual pieces made by many talented artists. (May 15th is the Silent Auction raising funds for Rainbow Railroad)-juried

Group show , G.A.S, Toronto March 2015 

Heart Show, G.A.S. Toronto, February 2015

Holiday Show, G.A.S., Toronto, December 2015-

Fiber Show : Group Show 2014 G.A.S

Fiber Show : Group Show 2013 G.A.S.


Boutiques and Gallerys: Art on Display

Gerrard Art Space, Toronto, 2015-2017

Flight of Fancy, Bear River, N.S. 2006-2014

Moorings Gallery, Mahone Bay, N.S. 2006-2010

Upper Gallery, N.S. 2006-2009

Halifax Art Gallery, Boutique, N.S. 2006-2009



Architectural Digest, Aug 2017

Beaches Metro, Arts, 2016

Halifax Harold, Arts, 2006


Athabasca University-Cultural Anthropology-current

International Academy of Design-Toronto-1993

George Brown-Graphic Design-Toronto-1989